A bit of history

FRATELLI MINARDI was founded in 1982.

At the time the Company concentrated mainly on manufacturing precision mechanical components and products samples according to the customers’ design in the industrial automation sector.

With time, the experience and the know-how acquired by our staff by working with the important companies in the sector, led to the development of the in-house design department and the manufacture of automatisms to offer a complete service to meet the numerous that today’s industry needs.

Professionalism, competence and application of advanced technologies, together with passion, are at the base of the business activities to optimize the service towards its customers: for this reason the company complies with Industry 4.0.

Products quality and technologies used have meant that the company could also establish itself abroad, and allowed export all over the world.

Company structure

  • Sales department
  • Design department
  • Machanical products laboratory
  • Mechanical assembly laboratory
  • Laboratory for electopneumatic, electronic cables and programming